Ashampoo WinOptimizer 16 PRO Serial Key Crack 2018 / 2019

Ashampoo WinOptimizer 16 immediately takes care of everything. The start page allows you to perform analysis and fix the 8 major problems. Free disk space, clean the registry, get rid of the objects in the auto-run, increase the level of security and create a compact, secure system, free from errors.

we optimized all the modules for the most recent Windows updates!

Save energy without sagging performance With Ashampoo WinOptimizer

Modern systems offer a high level of performance, which goes hand in hand with high energy consumption, even if this is not necessary! You will notice this not only when you use your laptop on the go, but also when you get a bill for electricity.

Furthermore, The new Energy-Manager module adjusts the Windows power options for your needs. Excellent power supply schemes will save money and significantly extend the battery life of your devices. Our team came up with a perfectly balanced energy-saving profile, which will not lead to significant performance failures, while effectively saving energy!


Ashampoo WinOptimizer


Ashampoo WinOptimizer Features :


No more unwanted browser extensions!
We all know these annoying advertising panels that penetrate our browsers. Less known are many extensions that slow your work on the Internet and violate your privacy. These extensions often do not appear in the browser list! Browser Extension Manager will put an end to this!

and It displays all installed browser extensions, allowing you to delete them, if necessary. It’s up to you to decide what extensions will remain, and which ones to disappear. Clean your browser and enjoy the Internet again!


Full control in one panel!
While many competitors’ products look like a hodgepodge of features, Ashampoo® WinOptimizer 16 offers a convenient solution. The control panel provides access to all functions without a heap of nested submenus.

and each module contains a clear instruction for use. The implementation of modern technologies in a convenient form is our goal!


Ready for Windows 10
The development of Microsoft Windows is still going on – the same as the development of Ashampoo® WinOptimizer 16!

Our developers do everything necessary for the program to work even after receiving the latest updates to the OS. Thanks to the updates of the program, your WinOptimizer always remains up-to-date, and it does not matter what changes were made to Windows!


Maximum security and confidentiality are guaranteed!
Windows collects a lot of data, as well as not very pleasant way refers to the security of the system. Modules Win10 Privacy Control and Anti-spy included in the program, will give you control over the system!

You decide which passwords, telemetry data or photos will be sent, or, much better, will remain private. Understand with unwanted tracking of your PC, personal advertising or with too curious applications!


Irreplaceable: one-click optimization
Optimization with one click is so popular, because it solves all problems with one click. Three powerful modules get down to doing a deep cleaning of your system. Internet Cleaner eliminates traces of work on the Internet, which not only occupy space, but also compromise your privacy.

Drive Cleaner removes unnecessary files, freeing up disk space, and Registry Cleaner removes unnecessary registry entries to improve performance and eliminate system errors. All this happens one click!


Smart automatic functions for your PC
A set of three smart modules removes most of the work from your shoulders. Auto-Clean not only removes unnecessary data, but also prevents them from reappearing! When you close your browser or any other program, it automatically frees up space and saves you from unnecessary files. Live-Tuner accelerates the launch of applications in real time.

It also allows you to configure the process priority manually. Game-Booster completes all background processes useless for the game, to give you even more performance! Once you finish playing, everything will return to its places and you can continue to work.


Our cleaning products: thorough cleaning is guaranteed!
Cleaning modules have always been the heart of WinOptimizer. That’s why we are constantly improving them! Where are the latest versions of browsers or program installers storing garbage? What files carry the risk of your privacy?

The new version adds a constant analysis and definition of new threats. But that is not all. Ashampoo® WinOptimizer 16 fully supports the work with multiple users. Now you do not need to change the user in the system to perform the cleaning for each of them separately!

As Well As…

Excellent system monitoring
Ashampoo® WinOptimizer 16 shows you what’s happening on your PC. For example, you will be automatically notified of the change in the status of your hard drives before the trouble comes unexpectedly.

Easily detect weaknesses in the system and potential errors. If you need a detailed report about the use of hard disks, installed hardware or running background processes, all this you will find here!


Swiss Army Knife for your PC
Ashampoo® WinOptimizer 16 is packed with 36 powerful modules, greatly simplifying your life. It does not matter whether you want to configure Windows, enhance privacy, or perform an in-depth analysis of the system.

All modules are constantly updated year after year for the best compatibility and performance for both old and new versions of Windows. Discover many useful features of WinOptimizer 16 yourself!


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